Monday, September 16, 2013

Try New Things


Mhmm, soo true, usually whenever I make a mistake I'll say something like:

"well I've never done that before, so how was I suppose to know?"
"that was my first time to make it, I couldn't have known."
"I tried to make it different from last time, I know I messed up."

yep, I've said all of those at some point probably this past week haha, which means I'm trying new things, and that's good. :) 

sometimes mistakes are progress towards something amazing, that's what I like to think.

Try New Things!!


  1. So true. I'll be following your blog (on bloglovin)to see what other new things you try.

  2. Molly,
    This is so true! If you don't make mistakes that just means that you're not doing anything. We all make them, learning from them is what it's all about.
    On a side note, love the color combination on your sign. It looks so Fall'ish.
    Love you,
    Your Mama

  3. I love this, we all need to step outside the box every once in a while. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty