Sunday, September 1, 2013

30 Signs in 30 Days

I'm going to challenge myself to paint 30 signs/blocks in 30 days, starting well, today. I'm going to post every day in September about a sign I've made, I hope you will check in to see what I've painted and made new. :D

Most of the signs I'm making are going to be put in our etsy shop, we're trying to get ready for Christmas, if you have any questions about a particular sign don't be shy, just drop me a line. :)

 I'm 17, still dream a little, and I'm not sure where I'm going, so this saying makes sense to me, it sits on my desk for now.

Have an Amazing Week,

I will be joining these parties:
Met Monday
Mop It Up Monday  Made by ME Monday 
Cowgirl Up
 Inspire Me Tuesday   


  1. You go girl!
    You may be a dreamer BUT I know you're a doer too!
    Look forward to seeing all the signs you create.
    Love you,
    Your Mama

  2. These signs are just wonderful! I am so proud of you for not being afraid to NOT follow the crowd! As a teen, this is the time when it's the hardest not to conform. Keep it up! By the way, I'm almost old enough yo be your grandma and I'm still dreaming too!