Thursday, January 16, 2014

Random Photography

It was a beautiful day today! I went outside and took pictures of  almost everything since it was so pretty, and while I did that I had apples baking in the oven for a bit "Cinnamon Apple Chips" <-- Click for post.

 Silver Maple Buds

Yaupon Leaves
 Plane!! oh sorry, where were we...
 Totally random picture, I take some bad pics sometimes, 
but usually they're nothing like this. :P

 Green Briar
 Leaves in the still stream

 Broomsedge Bluestem
 To get this pic I had to literally lie on the ground and get poked by I'm not even sure what bahaha! oh well it was worth it.

Was such a pretty day, wish I had taken more pictures, I mainly just enjoyed it by walking around taking it all in, it was kinda cold outside, but the air was so light and crisp. :)

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  1. Beautiful photos, Molly! You're like me...I snap pics of everything...the closer the better...even if I have to ly on the ground to get them! :)