Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Paying it Forward

Hey, just wanted to share a small moment that gave me "warm fuzzies" the other day.

I made a trip to our Post Office to mail some items from our etsy shop, before going inside I held the door open for a lady who was also going inside, she said "thank you" and then guess what she did?? she held the door open for a lady who was leaving the Post Office, and said "just paying it forward", and so I smiled at her.

Really short story, I know :P
but it gave me "warm fuzzies" to know that because of something so simple that I did for someone, they also did for someone else as well. 

We sometimes forget how the simple acts of kindness can impact not only our lives, but the lives around us.

A smile, or just a random "hey! how are you?" can mean a lot, the things that you do and say, they mean a lot, even when you think nobody is watching you and your actions, they are!! be an example to those around you, be the stranger you'd like to meet, if that makes sense lol!!

What you do and say impacts lives all around you, and if you impact those lives positively, then surely they will do the same. and if not, you should always be kinder than necessary anyways. :)

Have a Wonderful day,
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  1. Molly,
    I'm playing catch-up reading your blog,
    Reading this post sure makes me so proud of the person that you are!
    I love the--Be the stranger you'd like to meet- part.
    The world would be a lot better place if everyone thought that way. You are an example for sure.
    Love you and super proud of you!
    Your Mama

  2. So true :) that's why I smile at almost everyone I meet. You never know :)