Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Morning Walks

  Walking is a simple task that I enjoy frequently, I walk in the early mornings before the sunrise, and late evenings after supper, walking gets my day started out on the right foot. (no pun intended :P)

I love walking in the morning because it gives me time to think about my day before it has actually truly started, it wakes me up, and seems to make my day go smoother. :)

I could write a post about all the benefits of walking, but there's already a ton of them out there, you can google it if you want to know everything about walking, I just wanted to tell you about a few of them.

Walking Reduces:
Cholesterol levels
The risk of Diabetes
The risks for cardiovascular disease and stroke
The risks and effects of cancer
The risk of Alzheimer's disease
Weight Gain

Walking also:
Improves your mood :)
Relieves stress
walking 30mins a day can extend your life by over a year
Strengthens your bones and joints
Promotes better sleep

If you walk, or are going to start a walking regimen, make sure you:

1. Plan your route, and know your surroundings, asphalt or a flat sidewalk should help prevent injuries, such as twisting your ankle.

2. Wear a comfortable supportive shoe (NOT skechers shape ups)
 (I fractured my ankle "with the help of these shoes" back in March and my ankle just isn't the same, I guess it never will be.
*sigh* Anyway....

3. Warm up for 5-10 minutes by walking at a normal pace
4. Walk at a brisk pace for however long you'd like :)
5.Cool down for 10 minutes by walking at a normal pace
6. And stretch afterwards to avoid any muscle soreness

Generally you should start off by walking normally, then build up to a brisk pace, after walking is comfortable and somewhat enjoyable for you, then focus more on the time, I've read that you should walk (or do any physical activity) a minimum of 30 minutes a day (45 with warm up and cool down).

But you don't HAVE to walk for 45 minutes a day, you could tread water, use the elliptical trainer or bicycle machine, jump rope, ride your bike, or just do jumping jacks. whatever you enjoy is what you should do, if you don't like walking, then don't do it, like I said, do what you actually enjoy!! remember any movement is good movement.

You could also make walking fun by walking with a friend at the park, or maybe take your dog on a walk, load your ipod with some new tunes (I could walk for almost an hour with great music), or just enjoy the YOU time. :)

I hope you go for a walk today, well it's kinda hot outside now... maybe a swim instead :).

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