Sunday, November 4, 2012

Disappearing Cookies!

These cookies are really good, I don't know why I rarely make them they're not difficult to make! Three ingredients, that's it. :)

Ritz Crackers
Peanut butter
White Baking Chocolate

1. Take two ritz crackers and sandwich a little peanut butter between them

2. Melt white baking chocolate in a double boiler, don't accidentally add any water to it, once water makes contact with the chocolate, the chocolate then becomes unworkable!

3. Drop your sandwich cookies into the HOT white chocolate, roll them around until all is covered.

4. Carefully remove your sandwich cookie from the chocolate and place it on some parchment paper


Ritz Crackers With Peanut Butter
Melted White Chocolate
Parchment Paper.... :P

The reason I named this post "Disappearing Cookies" is because I actually didn't get a picture of the cookies... That's right, they all got eaten before I could snap a pic O.O

I will be making these again soon, I hope you will too! :)

Made With  Love,
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  1. That is too funny! They sure sound delicious and I bet they would be cute covered in different holiday sprinkles too. Thanks for sharing ;-)

  2. Hey Molly,
    I know it took you a while to post about these cookies because you didn't have the final photo of them. I'm sorry, just call me, your daddy and all 3 of your brothers "Cookie Monsters" we couldn't help ourselves. The cookies were very yummy! Maybe you should make some more..wink~wink... so you can try to get a final photo of them again. I'll try to hold everyone back but I can't promise I'd be successful.:)
    Love you,
    Your Mama