Monday, October 15, 2012

My Wisdom Teeth Removal

I had my wisdom teeth removed about a week ago, (Sat Oct 6th). My wisdom teeth were just at the wrong angle putting pressure against my second molars, they were still under my gums so they had to be surgically removed.

Yes, The dark meaty looking thing attached to my tooth is actually my gums

It was quite an experience, I was awake the entire time :P, although I didn't feel a whole lot I heard everything, every snap, crackle and pop. It wasn't that bad though, actually not at all.

I swelled up like crazy! I looked like a chipmunk, no joke. I still kinda do actually.

I've mainly been living off jello, shakes (lots of shakes), yogurt and hot chocolate. I did make mashed potatoes and gravy from scratch, and they were sooo good. :)

Made Without Wisdom,

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  1. Glad that you're feeling and looking better too, no more chipmunk face for you. :0)
    Love you,
    Your Mama

  2. Now those truly are "chippy and shabby". LOL I remember getting mine out too, in high school. CHIPMUNK all the way!:D


  3. Oh girl your killing me with this post...YIKES>>OUCH!

  4. A wisdom tooth can be a big trouble if it grows sideways or in a badly-angled manner. It can affect the other teeth by pushing them, which can cause misalignment. So it’s good that you removed them early on before they started causing problems. You would have found yourself wearing braces if that happened. Anyway, I do hope you’ve recovered from that, and that you can eat your favorite food now.

    @Patty Gurrola

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  7. Ouch, I'm sorry. Luckily, I don't have wisdom teeth, but my brother recently got his wisdom teeth removed in Prince George. I hope you feel better soon, he was fine after a few days. Good luck!

  8. Well, at least you’ve already had those removed and you wouldn’t have to deal with them again. Getting those removed would probably be much more painful if you let them stay for long. How long did you experience pain and swollen gums after the removal? It should only take a week. That’s the normal healing process.

  9. If it was giving you that much trouble, then it was just right that you decided to have those removed. The problem would have probably grown worse if you just left it. Aside from impacting the other teeth, your wisdom teeth would have also caused an infection inside the mouth, which is actually one of the main reasons wisdom teeth are extracted.