Saturday, October 6, 2012

Giant Eggs

To start off we have 3 dozen hens and get like an average of 2 dozen eggs every. single. day. I don't know if that sounds like a lot to you or not, but when you're putting them in your fridge every day it's like they're always stacking up on you! Anywho.

The egg in the center is a normal size egg, the other two are very large eggs
First Large Egg
Other Large Egg
 These eggs were huge!! I knew they were going to be double yolks, because they were so massive. The eggs might look a little small to you, well because I'm 5' 11" and my hands aren't the average size for a young woman who may be let's say... 5' 4" :P

Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out our large eggs.

Made With Amazement,

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  1. Nice!! I have 3 little pullets who just started laying a week's fun to watch their eggs get bigger and bigger!! I have never seen a double-yolker though! That's pretty cool!! I'm now following.... =) Deanna

  2. I have hens too and had my first double Yorker recently. Isn't it crazy how differentnthebeggsbcan be?

  3. Nice eggs! I wish I had my own chickens for eggs. It's a dream of mine.

  4. What a cute post ! I found you on Cowgirl Up! We have 20 chickens and 8 ducks. I would love for you to come share at my Farm Girl Blog Fest: