Friday, January 4, 2013

My Owl Collection

Hey! Hope you all are having a wonderful year so far :)

I'm going to share my owl collection with you, I just started collecting owls in the past year and I love it!

 Here is an owl mirror, I've never seen one with a little box area you can put keys and stuff in .
 Here's my nature-ish owl, I couldn't pass him up!
 These are wooden bookends, I found them very interesting
 I didn't originally get this guy for my collection, I just happened to have him in my room :)
 Oh my, I got this glass owl for Christmas this year, I adore him! he's so cool. :)
 Cute :)
gorgeous!! this was also a Christmas gift of mine
This is the newest one to my collection, as soon as I spotted him I knew I had to have it. This piece is really different to me, plus it's old (Made in 1974).... okay, it's not old, but it's old to me!! O.O

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my owl collection, I hope you enjoyed it.

What are some things you collect?? :)

Made With Joy,
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  1. ooh, I think the second one is my favorite of them all :)

  2. Love all the owls in your collection Molly. The wooden bookends are really unique.
    Love you,
    Your Mama

  3. A very cute collection! I saw you at debbiedoo's and I am now following! Check out my blog

  4. I love owls too Molly. You have a great collection. Thanks for sharing and Happy New year to you and your family.

  5. Good collection. My mom has begun to luv them too. Thrift stores should be your jackpot.

  6. i like the one sitting on books! great little collection you've got here.

  7. My Mom had those bookends!! How fun to see them :). I picked up some cute owl ceramic pieces the other day, debating on whether to keep them or put them on ebay. I'm helping my son's class make a big owl art piece for our school auction, should be fun!!