Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Here are a few photos I wanted to share with you guys, I took these the other day, probably around 3-4 o clock.

I prefer to use minimal editing on my photos, I just like them more in their natural state.
There are a few I altered the lighting on, nothing crazy though.

I Didn't Place These Gloves Like This, I Found Them Just Lying Around. :D

American Beauty Berry

I LOVE This One So Much!!

Poor Guy :/
Oh Dear

I Really Shouldn't Be Under This Tree... Nice Picture Though.
Pine Beetles Gnawed Everything Away

My Dirty Knee :]
 I enjoy photography very much. I hope you can see that I put a lot of effort into taking these photos, not just these, but the majority of the photos I take.

I still have a ton to learn about photography and whatnot, there's always something new to learn though.

Made With Intrigue,


  1. Found you through your Mom's blog. You have a really good eye, your photography is great!

  2. Fun photos. Those berries are so beautiful, the colors and angles are so interesting.

  3. photos are impressive. I can tell you have talent.

  4. I like your photos! I am glad another brownie lover has found my blog. Single batch...no, no, I can't do that. LOL
    I am now your newest follower.
    Lisa, an old lady in Florida

  5. These are great photos! I agree with the minimal editing philosophy. Found you through The Crafty Blogstalker. New follower!

  6. I love your style of photography. I have so many similar photographs hanging in my home (my mother in law is a photographer). Beautiful!

  7. The snaps of the berry are my favourite.. I am learning and love photography too. But mostly the dresses I make ;)